Effortless business marketing upgrade: The AI edition

The emergence of AI has sparked a true revolution in the realm of digital marketing. After years of manual efforts spent on creating marketing strategies, content, and analyzing data, the integration of artificial intelligence has reshaped the landscape, making marketing endeavors significantly easier, more effective, and more convenient for business owners.

But how do these abundant AI capabilities integrate into the inwise system? The AI Marketing Cloud system seamlessly integrates advanced artificial intelligence tools across all stages of your marketing endeavors, enabling you to achieve remarkable results with minimal effort.

Curious about the specific tools? We’ve compiled the key AI-based features within our system:

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Writing Subject Lines Based on Content Email Campaigns (Newsletter) 

With just a click, you can generate subject lines tailored for every email campaign you send to your customers. These subject lines, meticulously crafted from databases, are designed to motivate recipients to take action—specifically, to open the email you’ve sent. Leveraging Machine Learning algorithms and language processing, the feature adeptly analyzes your campaign content to identify characteristics of subject lines that drive high email open rates. It then generates three options of subject lines, eliminating the need for you to define a Prompt (query or directive for AI writing). All that’s left is for you to choose the wording that suits you best.

Writing Preview Text

We’re all aware that the subject line plays a pivotal role in determining email open rates—it’s that concise snippet of text visible in the email list view. What’s less known is the ability to incorporate additional text that effectively “extends” the subject line, visible only in this view and not within the campaign content itself. This text is known as Preview Text.

Preview Text serves the purpose of summarizing the core content of the email, extending the subject line, and encouraging users to click and explore the email further.

With the “AI Generator” feature, after composing your email campaign and selecting the subject line, the system presents you with several Preview Text options. These options are written based on the campaign content, aiming to boost email opens. You’re then free to select your preferred option from the three provided.

Campaign Performance Analysis and Recommendations

By analyzing the results of the campaigns you’ve sent to your customers, you can gain insights into the marketing strategies you’ve employed and identify areas for improvement. To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing materials, our system will generate a comprehensive analysis for each email marketing campaign you send. With just a click, you’ll receive a detailed overview of campaign results, analysis, and recommendations for improvement, all created by an AI engine.

Optimization Email Send Scheduling

Every customer has unique preferences, which are reflected in their leisure time and inclination to open or ignore email communications. With our AI-driven send scheduling feature, you can determine the optimal timing for sending an email campaign or as part of a customer journey, tailored to each of your contacts. Our AI engine identifies individual opening and clicking patterns among your business contacts, enabling precise and personalized send scheduling. This approach significantly enhances the success rates of your email communications.

CTA Buttons

In addition to landing pages, forms, and campaigns, action buttons play an essential role in driving user engagement. To assist you in crafting compelling and precise text for these buttons, we’ve integrated an “AI generator” link into our content editor within the button elements. This feature generates AI-generated text for buttons designed to inspire action, tailored to the content you’ve created, in the most efficient way. For instance, if your campaign content directs users to an article on your website blog, the feature will suggest button text that encourages readership, such as “Want to know more? Click here.”

Creating images

Visual content enhances written text and significantly improves the impact of sent newsletters. However, not everyone has immediate access to a design team to assist them in creating those visuals. You can then purchase photos from dedicated websites or services, collaborate with a photographer or designer for custom visuals, or simply use inwise’s photo creation feature. This feature leverages AI to create high-quality photos that enhance the visibility and professionalism of campaigns and landing pages easily and quickly, all within the same platform.

We welcome you to explore each of these features and experience the benefits that AI offers to your business. Stay tuned for more updates on the new tools we’re developing.

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