AI-driven optimal timing in customer journeys

Everyone has personal habits— their preferred time for the first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, whether they browse Facebook or news sites during lunch, and which day of the week they tend to do their online shopping. 

Given this diversity, why should we send email campaigns (newsletters) to everyone on the same day and at the same time? Instead, shouldn’t we invest our efforts in understanding the unique habits of our audience and tailor the scheduling of our campaigns accordingly?

This is precisely why we’ve developed an optimal sending option using AI. This feature enables you to send your campaigns and customer journey messages at the most opportune times for your contacts. The AI generator leverages extensive data analysis, including opening and clicking habits, to pinpoint the ideal time to send emails to each of your contacts.

AI-Driven Optimal Timing

Leveraging AI-optimized send schedules within a customer journey can significantly enhance its effectiveness. While it’s customary to send birthday campaigns to contacts on their birthdays, it’s important to recognize that each person opens emails at different times, even on their special day. So why not seize the opportunity to send the birthday greeting to each contact at the time when they’re most likely to read it?

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