The Cloud Revolution Has Arrived to The Digital Marketing Field

The cloud has greatly changed our personal and business lives: from storing and backing up images and songs, through complex and expensive computing solutions that made our development processes significantly easier, to the installment of systems and software. Today, it seems difficult to imagine ourselves managing our private and business life without cloud services.

In the digital marketing world, cloud solutions have existed for several years – from Email services, through landing pages to advanced automation processes and systems, all of which exist in the cloud and provide businesses with convenient access to tools that were previously owned exclusively by large organizations.

inwise’s marketing cloud service is a technological solution, accompanied by experts, that allows businesses to significantly increase the conversion rates of visitors and leads to customers, by tools and processes, automatic and manual for direct personal communication.

what’s the idea behind “marketing cloud “?

The term “Marketing Cloud ” has two complementary meanings:

  • The Practical meaning is as a collection of tools stored in the cloud that help us market our business. Simple, right?
  • To explain the second, conceptual meaning, we will try to take some business as an example – it can be a small online store or a giant company with dozens of branches in the physical world. The common ground for all of these businesses is the desire to market, gain more customers, and of course – increase revenues.

How does a marketing manager manage to do it? Mostly by trying to get more traffic to the site (through advertising ads on Google, Facebook or any other way), because more traffic = more customers, is it not? Yes. but…
It is known that incoming traffic, organic or sponsored, costs quite a bit of money and/or other resources. And what about conversion rates? What are the chances that one of the incoming leads will become your customer on the first time it visits you? Well – usually the chances are low. Very low.

What can we do? Pay for incoming traffic again? Get disappointed again by the low conversion rates? Absolutely not – this time – apply the idea of ​​marketing cloud – try to create a direct and personal relationship between the brand and its potential customers:
It starts by trying to ask for an Email address (usually) and/or other details (e.g. phone number) so that the communication between you will be direct and without mediation, of course you will have to give something in exchange – a coupon or valuable content for example. It’s true, marketing cloud takes a certain investment – but in the end, it’s definitely worth it.
The next step is to initiate communication by automated means (using simple automated processes) or by manual means such as creating an Email campaign, an SMS campaign, or a landing page.

All this is done in order to “warm up” the relationship between you (the brand) and your customers.
Yes – it takes some time and investment (especially in the beginning), but:
A. It will bring great results.
B. The investment is relatively low. Especially with regard to the benefits.

What do marketing cloud solutions include?

Everything we believe is important for the business or brand to produce direct digital marketing – we took the most advanced solutions we offer our customers, integrated the latest trends in digital marketing, and wrapped everything together in a simple and convenient way that would suit everyone:

It starts with collecting subscribers and leads through the smart registration forms system, because this database is the most basic and important asset in direct digital marketing. The next step is to create automated customer campaigns – determining what you send to which customer type automatically.

To constantly create loyal customers, we incorporate them into the brand life, update them once in a while – what’s new and how your product/service can benefit them. You can do this by mailing newsletter and Email campaigns, SMS messages, link to landing pages, and of course – track the data and statistics of each marketing move to learn and draw your next moves from it.

Your operational communications with customers, whether by “forgetting password” or monthly invoicing, can and should be in the spirit of your brand and language, and can certainly incorporate marketing proposals to take advantage of the media to very high conversion rates (this is what happens when you combine marketing content with operational messages). You will do all this through our transactional messaging service.

And if your customers already receive messages from you – let them respond – this is our “calls” service that encourages direct interaction that can bring effective results to a level you did not yet encounter.

Will this fit my business too?

The service is suitable and very important for all types of companies, organizations and businesses. We work with huge clients (insurance, credit, communications and in other fields) alongside tiny, small and medium businesses. We serve them all with infinite love and devotion to their business success.

If you understand the power and importance of direct digital marketing – this service will surely fit your business.

Is it just a collection of technological solutions?

While we are developing and marketing a technological solution, the marketing cloud services are not just technology. This is a comprehensive set of support services, tools, partners and consulting, which when all combined make marketing cloud easier, simpler, more efficient and more profitable:

Support – an array of experts, tools and training will teach you how to do the best in the most efficient and easiest way: from a digital course, through Webinars, meetings group and personal training, and of course our support team is always there for you.

Invest as much as you want – the solutions are easy and convenient to use, but each of us has a level of disposable investment for everything. Therefore, if you want to invest less, we will invest more and do the work for you in actual implementation of the various marketing moves.

How to begin?

  • Start your free trial account, if you have not yet opened one, and create a registration form (popup) that will increase your potential customer base starting today.
  • If you have any questions, contact us now, and we will answer any question or inquiry you might have.