Data Security Is Not To Be Play With

That is why we at inwise work very hard to keep our system security at the highest levels, protecting from any possible threat: From the physical security of the compound holding our computer systems to securing our hardware and software systems and the data stored in our systems.
Thanks to all the above and to our mission of keeping the digital assets and data of our clients stable and safe, inwise was certified ISO 27001 compliant for organizational data protection management.

What do we do, and how do we do it? We maintain the highest levels of security at all fronts:

Physical infrastructure security

  1. To protect the physical infrastructure of our computers and protect the data stored in them, we follow the strictest security procedures.
  2. All hardware components are kept in a 24-hour secured building equipped with security cameras and alarm systems throughout the compound.
  3. All company servers and software components are kept inside a locked iron cage.
  4. Access to our servers is limited to regular support team members successfully passing reliability tests.
  5. Access to sensitive data in the systems is limited and restricted.

Server security

  1. System servers’ operating systems are updated on a regular basis.
  2. Virus checks are performed daily.
  3. All company employees follow the strictest standards of password management.
  4. Remote access to the company system is done via secured VPN – IPSEC VPAN or SSL VPN only.
  5. Servers are monitored by designated monitoring systems working around the clock.

Malicious software security – viruses, trojan horses, and spyware

  1. All company workstations are protected by designated and updated virus scanning software.
  2. Company procedures prohibit using external discs and storage discs in the company offices.
  3. All company systems use original, clean, write protected copies.
  4. All data is backed up daily to allow complete data retrieving in the case of an external attack.

Software data protection

  1. All passwords are strong and complex, stored and changed periodically.
  2. Following several failed attempts to log-in account access is denied, including time delay to prevent brute force.
  3. Time limit setting for auto system log off.
  4. SSL setting for system log-in.
  5. SSL app setting.
  6. All system connections go through a Firewall monitoring network traffic.
  7. All system activities are documented and monitored by a system identifying specific actions leading to specific events.
  8. Code is tested periodically to identify and prevent security breaches.
  9. Admin log-in attempts from an unfamiliar IP address are two-staged: First, the user is asked to provide a username and password. Second, the user is asked to provide a temporary password sent to their email or mobile.
  10. System passwords are one-way encrypted and coded.
  11. Passwords are not stored as regular text, meaning only the account owner knows their original password. Password retrieving can be done by setting a new one only.
  12. XSS – cross site scripting – is used as means of protection against attacks.
  13. SQL “injection” is used as means of protection against attacks.
  14. External links to feedback components are encrypted.
  15. User personal info is not stored in cookies.
  16. Management and feedback components are logically and physically separated.
  17. AES link coding.


  1. Passwords must meet a strict password policy.
  2. Every service has a unique and individual connection string. Permission distribution is prohibited.
  3. Every service has a connection string allowing a limited set of actions only.
  4. inwise is committed not to make any use of distributing clients’ database.