What is our story

inwise is a software enterprise based in Israel, operating worldwide.

Since 2002, inwise has provided thousands of organizations, companies, and businesses with the technology and human services they need to communicate directly, effectively, and personally with their target audiences.

inwise was founded on the concept that direct, operative, and marketing communication is the most effective way to establish and enhance relationships with targeted audiences.

As part of the organization’s digitization process, this type of communication brings in new audiences and customers while minimizing the organization’s dependency on media companies and social media platforms.

This was the foundation underlying inwise technological solution: A cloud-based marketing software that allows the organization to grow its leads, build customer journeys to establish a direct and personal relationship with its audiences, convert occasional visitors into new customers, and more.

The values that guide us
about inwise
  • HUMAN NATURE. Our people are genuinely good and want to help both their friends at inwise and our customers.
  • SIMPLICITY. The simplest solution is the one we aspire to and the one we choose whenever possible. This implies our product development, processes and the solutions we deliver to organizations we work with.
  • INTEGRITY. inwise is a product and company you can trust, even with your most important processes, even with large scale and complex business activities.
  • AGILITY. We respond quickly – thanks to adopting an agile dev method both on decision making and execution levels, and thanks to our team’s motivation and dedication.
  • POSITIVITY. Our official motto is: It’s all about good news. We hope and believe that we are here to do good for our customers and their customers. Besides our morning cup of coffee, that is what gets us going every workday.