Get Your Emails Read

If you’re like us (and like most people), you’re subscribed to too many emails. The question is, which do you actually open and read? And why them?

Our extensive experience and research shows that in order for it to be read, your email should stand out in the crowd AND motivate the subscriber to open it from all others.

Sounds too challenging? Not with the tools we’ve got going for you.

First, make your email stand out from all others by adding an emoji or symbol. Using the right one will both make your email pop out from all other text-only subject lines, and it will make your subscribers smile (which is one of the best ways to engage them).

Second, use a personalized subject line. Including your recipient’s name, place of living, birthday, or any other relevant personal data will make them feel – hey, this email is for me! which in turn will boost the number of your emails that are open and read.