To ensure that everyone opens your email

If you’re similar to us, your email inbox is likely flooded with various messages. This holds true for both us and your clients. With the constant influx of emails and mail, most people only manage to read a small percentage of them.
So, how can you ensure that your contacts open and read the email that you want them to read?
The key lies in a compelling subject line!

What is the key component of a compelling subject line? Drawing from the insights and research of seasoned professionals in the field of digital marketing, a successful subject line is built on two crucial elements, which we strongly advise incorporating into your strategy:

A subject line tailored specifically for the contacts

Ensure your email is personally tailored to the contacts. A simple and impactful approach is to address them by their first name (or last name if it’s pertinent to your mailing and business).
In addition, if you possess specific personal information about the contacts, incorporating it into the subject line can be highly effective! For example, include details such as their city of residence, date of birth, favorite color, and so on.
Ultimately, drafting the subject line in a way that resonates most with the contacts, piquing their interest and compelling them to open the email – can significantly boost the opening rates, speaking from experience.

Incorporating icons within the subject line

Another wonderful method to distinguish your email is by incorporating icons into the subject line.
Sending newsletters about special offers for flights abroad? Enhance the subject line with an airplane icon ✈️
Promoting a mailing with a gift or coupon? Consider adding a gift icon to the subject line.
Advertising a dating site? Add a heart icon ❤️
inwise system provides you with a diverse choice of icons for free use, allowing you to unleash your creativity to its fullest.
Tip: Keep in mind that while each icon can be versatile, it’s crucial to ensure that the context remains clear to everyone, not just you

Subject line with AI

AI can help  with writing subject lines

Use the “AI generator” feature within email campaign subject lines to effortlessly receive data-based, high-quality, and non-spammy suggestions at the click of a button.
How does it work? After finishing writing your email campaign content, the system, leveraging AI technology, will intuitively suggest three distinct subject lines without requiring a specific prompt (questions or instructions written for AI features, explaining which text to generate). This streamlines the process and will save you time on drafting engaging titles for your campaigns.

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