Enhancing your business’s digital cloud marketing with AI technologies and Chat GPT

It seems lately that it has become impossible to have a day pass by without hearing people talk about AI technologies (Artificial Intelligence).
Terms such as “AI Image Generator” or “ChatGPT” have become present almost everywhere, so much so that we can no longer ignore the presence and potential hidden in these technologies.

So what is AI Technologies?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of technological devices to perform different human actions. To summarize the complicated technical and complex explanation in one sentence, AI is an enormous collection of algorithms enabling technical devices to precisely imitate and implement human actions.
The good and most recent news is about Generative AI technologies. Artificial intelligence creates completely new content, from scratch. These technologies enable generating visual content (such as photos, drawings, and artworks) as well as written content. Software such as Generative AI are based on written descriptions, out of which they create brand-new content.

How can these AI technologies be used?

Chatbots – you know those chats that appear at the bottom of various websites? The answers to the questions you send there are fast, intelligent, and humanlike, and are in fact a conversation created using AI technologies. The intelligent texts are written quickly while adapting their style and content to the person chatting with them.

Creating images – one of the most amazing things is the ability to create brand-new photos using AI technologies. How does it work? You open an AI software specializing in creating images, type a short description of the image you wish to create and after several moments you will receive a new creation, a result of your imagination created by the technology.

Writing texts – if writing is something that doesn’t come easy to you, AI is here to help you with that as well. There are several software that will help you write paragraphs and even full articles (mainly in the field of SEO). All you have to do is provide it with a short explanation of what you would like the text to speak about.

Create image with AI - Robot

How can you use AI technologies to market your business?

The benefits of the AI world slowly seep into a variety of fields – among which, is digital marketing. Assuming you wish to dive into the AI universes and experiment with incorporating the different technologies into marketing your digital business, here are some ideas you could implement:

Writing texts for text messages (SMS) – marketing using text messages is an efficient and wonderful tool, and using AI technologies will upgrade it greatly. For example, if you need an idea for a message informing you about a sale in your business, you could ask ChatGPT to write the text for you.

Writing newsletters – no doubt that when speaking about regularly writing content that repeats itself, creativity and originality could become a challenge. Here, you can use the content technologies to assist you in finding new and refreshing ideas for your business newsletter.

Personalization – among many incredible advantages of AI, one of its strongest features is its speed. In the case of creating personalized content, this is a huge advantage since the software enables creating a number of different versions for one message. For example, if you wish to inform two different target audiences of the same sale, let’s say younger and older people, you could easily create two versions of the text, each addressing a different audience, informing them about the same in an adapted and appropriate style.

Email titles – using AI will allow constant optimization of your marketing email titles. You can get ideas for a variety of different titles and edit A/B testing for them.
Drafts for blog articles – if you have written an article for a blog before, you must know how exhausting assembling the information could be. Here, you can use ChatGPT for a specific inquiry that, in one text, will assemble all the answers you’ll need following the research – and you can use that as a first draft for writing your article.

Research – unlike search engines that send us to a wide variety of different sources of information when we raise an inquiry, software such as ChatGPT provides us with precise and comprehensive answers in one place. This way, the next time you need to find an explanation for a presentation of a text you are writing, you can take this shortcut and receive an answer faster.

Images – finding photos for newsletters, articles, and posts for social media is a real challenge. When searching the web – we won’t always manage to find just the right image for us, or we risk encountering copyright issues. If we wish to create images from scratch, we would have to go to a graphic designer, which could lead to a long waiting time until we receive the version we are looking for, alongside the high costs it will incur. To make this challenge a bit easier, you can use AI Image Generators to easily and quickly create your visual content.

There is no doubt that welcoming AI technologies into the marketing world is a huge deal. We are currently witnessing the first stages of a revolution that will change the world of creating content and marketing as we know them, and that is definitely exciting. That being said, it is important to remember – in spite of the high intelligence of the technology, it is yet to replace the human brain.
In addition, most technologies are mainly focused on the English language, and their performances in other languages are quite lacking and imprecise.
That is why it is important to carefully review the content the softwares provides, find mistakes and refine the outcomes so that they match your specific vision.

So how do we go on from here? Start by creating an email campaign and ask the help of ChatGPT for ideas for subtitles, finding proven information for writing, and formulating a winning email title. In your campaign, integrate images you create yourselves using Dall-E 2 or Midjourney. It is a chance for you to innovate and improve your digital marketing skills.