Easily create engaging marketing content with AI writers

Imagine this scenario: you find yourself in the whirlwind of your business’s marketing, wanting to share new information through a newsletter to your customers or a landing page for potential leads. However, a writing block hits, making you wonder, “Help! How do I write this?” This is precisely why the feature of AI-based content writing was created, allowing businesses to create personalized and precise content with just a click.

Let’s delve into the world of writing and AI, specifically how AI features can ease your life and generate excellent texts for your business with a simple click.

Writing content with AI

Just like the entire AI, this field is rapidly evolving. Various programs and features have been developed to enhance the lives of those who don’t feel comfortable with writing. These systems can generate texts for any content you might need, whether it’s a subject line for an email, copywriting for a popup, or marketing email text—it can do it all.

writing text with AI

AI Content Writing Feature in inwise System

In inwise system, we’ve integrated a feature that optimally handles the writing task for you, saving you the hassle of of switching over to external systems. The next time you need to create an email campaign, a landing page, or any text component in the system, you can use the AI-based editing feature.

With this feature, you can:

  1. Edit or rewrite existing text with AI – Under this category, options include summarizing text, editing existing text, translation, text shortening and changing its writing tone. This option is suitable for existing texts you’ve written that you want to modify to make them more accurate and high-quality, adapting them to the changing needs of your business.
  2. Write text from scratch with AI – In cases of serious writer’s block or when you simply want to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you can always request the system to write the text for you. All you need to do is provide the system with a general direction in the form of a short instruction prompt detailing the content you want the text to include, and it will take care of the rest.

Editing existing text with AI

During the editing of an email campaign, landing page, registration form, or popup, you’ll notice a row of icons, including an AI icon, when you hover over any text component. Click on it to open the AI editing or writing window.

Edit or rewrite existing text with AI: This option includes summarizing a text, editing existing text, translation, text shortening, text expansion, and changing its tone. This option is suitable for existing texts that you want to change to make them more accurate and high-quality, adapting them to your business’s evolving needs.

Writing text from scratch with AI: In cases where you encounter a serious writing block or simply want the AI to take the reins, you can ask the system to write the text for you. Just provide a general direction through a short prompt detailing the content you want, and the system will do the rest.

Trying out the feature in our system

Editing Existing Text:
During the editing of a campaign, landing page, signup form, or popup, hover over any text component to see all the editing and writing options. Choose the one you want to use. For example, if you’ve written a long, formal, and informative text that you want to turn into something more casual and friendly, click the button that changes the writing tone and length. The system will transform it into a shorter, more friendly text.

Writing Text from Scratch
In scenarios where you need inspiration or have no idea how to approach the text, you can write a prompt for the system, and it will create the content for you. For instance, if you need a short and engaging text for a popup, provide instructions to the system, and it will create it effortlessly.

Tips for editing and writing from scratch with AI

As with any technological advancement, there are tricks that make the results outstanding. Here are our golden recommendations for a successful experience:

Human tone –  Since the technology generates the text, it’s crucial to ensure that human touch isn’t lost. Read the text (preferably aloud, to yourself or someone else), check if the tone sounds human and not too “robotic,” and refine it using additional prompts or manual adjustments.

Optimization –  The system learns about your business, its nature, and style. Thus, you should make several revisions to the text to ensure it is consistent with your business’ message, and refine the prompts if necessary.

Provide detailed and precise instructions –  Remember that, ultimately, there’s an algorithm at the core of the system, not a human being. Therefore, it’s essential to provide the clearest possible prompts, without multiple meanings or potential misinterpretations. For instance, an instruction like “write a nice and short text about a special offer” won’t yield as successful results as “write a text up to 300 characters for a campaign describing a unique business promotion. Write in a language appealing to an audience aged 60 and above.”

We invite you to save time and unnecessary frustration from writing blocks, discover the content creators within you, and embark on an advanced and convenient journey towards excellent texts for your business.

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