WhatsApp marketing for businesses: everything you need to know before getting started

Wondering if WhatsApp is the next marketing step of your business? Allow us to present some of its advantages so that you could decide if the platform is indeed the right one for your business

How to send an SMS message that your clients will actually read

How you can use the information you have about your contacts in order to create a great personal experience

Personalization – why it is important and how can you use it?

How you can use the information you have about your contacts in order to create a great personal experience

Cloud Marketing Tool for Emailing Documents Attachment

Sending emails with attachments is a valuable communication tool. Tips and examples on how to send emails with attachments

Tips for Email marketing for clients who actually read

We don’t know what happens inside your mailbox, but we are going to allow ourselves to bet it’s filled with emails that want to sell, market, and tell you about products and services. These are newsletters – one of the most effective marketing ways to communicate with your customers, and more precisely, with 72% of […]

8 Ways Bulk Email Attachments Would Upgrade Your Business

Marketing automation allows you to preset actions that will take place automatically as a reaction for different scenarios

Digital Transformation and Salesforce

The business world is in a period of transition. We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution – significant changes are happening in technology, industry, and day-to-day life in a rapid way. Companies across the globe started realizing that today’s customers are connected, informed, and technologically savvy and they expect that the companies and the brands […]

Sometimes people make mistakes : The 14 most common mistakes in email marketing, how to avoid them and recover

In order to help you avoid those mistakes, recover after having made them, or even help you feel better about the ones you’ve already made, we’ve drafted a list of the most common email marketing mistakes.

What is segmentation and why is it so important for your business?

We watch series on streaming apps (Netflix) that adapt different content to our personal taste, listen to music according to playlists adapted for us. We live in a world in which everything is personalized. This is the consumer revolution of the new business world and that is what potential clients are expecting of you. The […]