With the help of AI: The feature that writes excellent subject lines for your emails.

Writing effective subject lines for marketing emails can be challenging, especially if you send numerous emails in your business. Staying inspired, finding new ideas, and nailing the right tone can become increasingly difficult. So, what can you do? Well, that’s where technology comes into play, and to be precise, AI that generates exceptional subject lines for your marketing emails.

How can AI assist in writing subject lines?

Let’s first explain how AI technology works. AI relies on vast databases of content, including emails, and utilizes language processing algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns that lead to higher email open rates. With regard to subject lines, the technology analyzes a large number of subject lines and learns how to create content with accurate and high-quality subject lines.

inwise uses AI to create attractive subject lines

Through the AI feature in the email campaign subject line, allows you to receive data-driven and well-crafted subject lines that are action-prompting and non-spammy, with just a click.

How does it work? Once you have finished creating and editing your email campaign, the system uses AI technology to suggest subject line ideas. By clicking the button, you’ll have three different subject lines to choose from, eliminating the need to set up an AI prompt (a query or request explaining to AI features what text to create), saving you time and effort.

Subject line - AI - EN

Tips for writing subject lines with AI

There is no doubt that AI technology has revolutionized our lives in recent years, making things easier. However, like any other new technology, it is essential to cast a human eye over its output to check its quality. Even with the AI subject line feature, consider the following tips to improve your subject lines:

Check brand language presence – While the AI feature generates subject lines based on the content you wrote for the campaign, remember that it’s not a human who knows your brand well. Ensure that the subject lines reflect your brand’s language style. For example, if your brand speaks in a more casual tone, ensure the AI-generated subject lines reflect this.

Add a personal touch – It is always a good idea to add a personal reference to your contact in the subject line. When you address the recipients by name, you add a sense of credibility and a personal touch that increases the chances of the emails being opened. By clicking on the “Personal subject” field you can add a personal reference to the subject line

Focused subject lines -Our subject line generator uses AI technology to extract the essence of the text you wrote and create accurate subject line – but it is important to check that the resulting title reflects the overarching goal of your email.


The subject lines of campaigns should have a single, clear central theme. This way, readers understand the campaign’s purpose and what awaits them in the email body, so they can decide if the campaign is relevant to them. Suppose your email talks about a limited-time sale, be sure the subject line mentions it specifically.

Great subject lines are crucial for your business campaigns. Don’t hesitate to use AI technology to upgrade them and make them more accurate. Because when it comes to creating excellent marketing content, there’s nothing like data-driven insights and technology.

We invite you to try out the new feature in the inwise system, to create AI-powered subject lines that will take your business campaigns to the next level.

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