August’s newest version is up and running, with improvements and innovations that will add some extra help, order, and lightness to the system since we could always use more of those.

Shortening the process of updating names and titles

It is now much easier and faster to update the names of campaigns, contact groups, pages and forms on your account. Just click on the name and update (Inline).

Update version - Inline text

The names and titles can be updates out of the editor itself during the work process.

Update version - Inline text - 2

All the help you need on the go

We’ve added a link to tutorials and guides that will assist you in the various stages and actions during the work process in the system. Just click on the question mark icon wherever you are in the system. The help menu and relevant guides are waiting for you there.


What else?

Bug fixes and additional improvements

We would love to hear about your experience with the new version – contact us and tell us.