Tips for Email marketing for clients who actually read

We don’t know what happens inside your mailbox, but we are going to allow ourselves to bet it’s filled with emails that want to sell, market, and tell you about products and services. These are newsletters – one of the most effective marketing ways to communicate with your customers, and more precisely, with 72% of them, who prefer to receive marketing content via email.

Email marketing is based on sending emails to a list of contacts who agreed to receive content from you – newsletters, advertising emails, and various updates; it all enters under this title. Successful email marketing is one that manages to transmit a precise, personal, and unmediated message and includes information that is relevant for the contacts. Those make it a particularly effective and converting marketing tool.

So how are you going to make your emails stand out in this noisy, crowded world?
We’ve put together tips to help you make your marketing emails stand out and get your contacts to actually read them.

Valuable content

The language and the content of email marketing are highly important. We recommend avoiding long heavy texts and focusing on a text that sets the important and interesting messages in the front. Provide real value – this will increase the chances that your contacts will want to stay on the mailing list, read the messages you send, and become long-term, loyal clients.

An updated contact list

Email marketing is based on a database of contacts and their information. Therefore, the first step is making sure all the contact information is up to date – starting with basic information such as their first name and email address, through their phone number, place of residency, and up to their interests and hobbies.

In addition, it is important that all those on the list have given their consent to be on the list. A mailing list based on contacts collected indirectly, such as email address collection software or purchase from various sources, will damage your campaigns and business.

Personal message

Personalization is an essential tool when speaking about email marketing, and a great way of using it is through the title that opens the email. Make sure to create a personal message about the email including the name of the contact to whom you are addressing and preferably along with a particularly precise message – those will capture their attention and augment the probability of your email being opened.
“Hey Helen, you can make a difference on your next visit!”


Pre-planning of dosage and timing

The number of messages and timing can seal an email campaign’s fate and the user’s choice whether they’d like to stay or remove themselves from the mailing list. In order to avoid spam mailing of multiple messages in a short amount of time or reduced and discontinuous mailing, it is important to come up with a clear campaign plan at the beginning of each campaign, in which you will predefine the number of mailing items you send along with the right time gaps between each sent – thus maintaining a professional, accurate, and much more effective campaign frame.

Unsubscribe button

At one point or another, we all get a marketing email from an unknown source and have looked for the Unsubscribe button. In case you didn’t see it, know that besides it being a rather irritating situation it is also illegal. Make sure you regularly add the Unsubscribe button allowing your recipient to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Place it at the bottom of the email and add a clear message to it specifying that the user has been removed from the mailing list.

Use a professional mailing system

Sending emails using a professional mailing system will save you a lot of trouble; starting with server overload and security problems through to the recipient identifying the sender’s address as spam and blocking it. The system makes sure the emails will arrive at your contact’s inbox, allows you to monitor each email you sent, segments audiences, follows user’s conduct, and produces data-based reports after each mailing. Basically, it makes your life much easier when talking about your marketing moves, and particularly those concerning email marketing.

To sum up, email marketing is an excellent tool for creating an honest and loyal relationship with your clients. In order to achieve the most out of this infrastructure of messages sent via email, implement the tips, and stick to them, you will quickly see the results.