In the midst of the shopping season, we’re launching a version that allows you to send relevant campaigns to your customers. When customers see only the content that’s relevant to them, the results are superior.

Remove contacts who received Email/SMS campaign or belong to other group

After selecting the contact group that you want to send the campaign to, you can set specific submission restrictions, making it so the campaign isn’t sent to contacts who’ve already received other campaigns, or to contacts who are in other groups without the need for complicated functions in Excel files.

Sending settings - Remove contacts who received specific campaign

Link bar

The new link bar centralizes the possibility of linking texts, buttons, or images to a wide range of options:
Web pages, sending emails, landing pages built in inwise, media, anchors (another component of emails and landing pages), dialing phone numbers, WhatsApp calls, location links on Waze or Google maps, or sending invites through a calendar.

Link bar

What else?

Bug fixes and additional improvements

We would love to hear about your experience with the new version – contact us and tell us.