How Apple’s Ios- 15 Affects Email Marketing

For the purpose of improving the privacy of the clients using its platforms, Apple enables its users to block tracking of applications and hiding their IP addresses.

How will this update affect Apple’s email software?

  • Receiving an indication of opening an email even if the contact did not open it at all.
  • The precise date of opening the email and as a result, sending emails on the optimal timing will no longer be possible – regarding the emails scheduled to be sent exactly when the contact usually opens the email he receives.
  • No indication will be given as to the type of device on which the email was opened.
  • The geographical location of the contact when opening the email will no longer be available
  • Disturbing the campaign analytics process.

What can be done?

Even before Apple’s update, it was recommended to refer to the campaign execution analytics according to clicks on email links and not according to their opening.
In order to properly prepare, we’ve developed an email sending feature in an optimal timing based on the calculation of clicking on links (instead of according to the opening of emails).

This update is currently only relevant to Apple’s email software users and not relevant to the other email applications and software (such as the Gmail app on the iPhone).