If you are implementing Salesforce in your company, you had most likely come across its limitations in designing an email campaign. Right from email design, email build, delivering and tracking it – there are quite a few limitations. That’s when most clients look out for third-party tools in the Salesforce AppExchange to do the email campaigns for them.
Here are the key things to keep in mind while you looking for an app for email marketing cloud tool.

Data Integration

The first and foremost thing when you are working with a third-party app is how you will be going to integrate your data with the system from Salesforce. Doing so will help you to communicate with your leads, contacts, accounts, other customer groups etc. adding contacts from Salesforce to inwise is smart and easy. Ability to access subscribers or your customers list quickly without having to switch between the systems makes it easy and peaceful for the marketers.

Data Segments

With inwise, you can create smart contact lists. You can create and use customer segments of your customers in both Salesforce and inwise. That’s the beauty – it is 2-way sync of the contact lists. Having the data and the segments help you to send the most relevant and personalized messages and campaigns to each of your audiences. In this competitive digital world, it is critical to personalize your messages to gut above your competitors and inwise assists you in doing exactly that – creating personalized email campaign with personal data and dynamic content for each subscriber.

Email Content

The biggest drawback for many email marketing tools is the Email editor. Most of them can do drag and drop and templates but it just ends there are they are not the user-friendliest of tools. Designing the email content with inwise is clear, simple, easy and uncomplicated.

  • Drag & Drop Editor: The great thing about an intuitive drag & drop content editor is that it meets your needs whether your a first-time user or an expert.
  • Designed Templates: You just have to choose your designed and responsive template, and make it your own. The templates are distributed into various types of email campaign and newsletters to make it easier, in case you need some guidance in choosing the most relevant to your message.
  • Mobile First: Your email looks perfect but they are created using responsive campaigns that automatically adjust to any screen, whether your subscribers open it using their PC, tablet, or mobile phone.


With integrating Salesforce with inwise, you get an extensive overview of your customer’s communication type preferences, channel preferences, likes, dislikes etc. Knowing these help you to understand your customers better and helps you to focus on your goal of serving them better. This also helps in segmenting your customers into groups which again help you in targeting them well. This is what great brands are made of.

Integrating inwise with Salesforce helps you to reach the right customers with the right offers at the right time and all of this is possible because of the ease of use of inwise.