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Tags are a way for you to label or categorize contacts based on the information you have about them. After you create tags and add them to your contacts, you can send campaigns directly to your contact group tags or use tag data to build segments and further target your contacts.
You can consolidate multiple contact groups under one title – one tag – or associate a contact group with several tags. This is an internal markup for your own use.

How to create a tag?

On the main login screen, click on the “Contacts” tab in the main menu bar on the left (1).
On the “Contacts” screen, scroll down to the group list and select the group you want to tag, by checking the checkboxes next to each group type.

Create tag

To add a tag to a group, click on the “Tags” icon, which is above the group’s list on the right (1) and select or create your tags of choice, which would display with a check ✓.

To create a new tag, type the name in the “Search or add a new tag” panel (2) and click the “+Add New Tag” button.

After selecting the tag, it will appear in the field of the contact group (3).

Create tag

You can filter your contact list by tags. On the left side of the screen, in the “Filter by” menu, choose the name of the tag you want to filter by.

Create tag

Now you can continue to design different and targeted campaigns for each of the tags you’ve created.

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