Growing your email contact list is not an easy task. There are many ways to do it both organic and through paid advertising. First, you need to understand your target audience, do market research and understand where do your potential customers exist. Provide them with multiple opt-in chances at different places. Have a specific CTA everywhere for the visitors. In this article lets look at how to increase your contact list through Salesforce.


The first place you need to look out to increase your contact list is your website. Here are a few ways of making your website visitors get into your contact list.

  • Popups: Popups are a very common way to ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Offer incentives, sign up bonuses, discounts and your content for free be it weekly, monthly, quarterly newsletters or your product features. This is a great way to be in touch with them. But do not overdo with popups on every page. Offer popup messages only if the visitor has stayed on your page for a good amount of time. It shows that they are really interested in your product/services. They are more likely to subscribe to you.
  • Contact Pages & Other Landing Pages: The contact us page on your website should also be linked to your email contact list with a consent checkbox. Other landing pages like ‘sign up for the newsletter, blog updates’ are also a great way to increase your contact list.

It is also important to keep your website fresh with new content so your customers visit the site more often. Use Search engine optimization (SEO) other methods to make your website appear on the first page on search engines.

Social Media

After you have covered your website bases, its time to look beyond that i.e., into Social media.

  • Content: Publish and share your posts consistently. Interact with your viewers, comment, value their time and effort in interacting with you. New and informational content pulls in new visitors and potential customers. Add the signup landing page with every post to provide them an immediate action item to subscribe. New content will also improve your website to appear in search engines too.
  • Advertise: Before you start doing paid advertising, as mentioned earlier in the post, it is utmost important to understand your existing customers or your target audience – what are their demographics (age and gender), their interests, and locations. Without knowing these you won’t be able to target your advertisements to the right people. Use Salesforce marketing cloud’s advertising audience feature to advertise to your customers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Use lookalike features of Facebook to find customers similar to your Top customers.
  • Others: You can also be active in a variety of online forums, groups like your users from the Salesforce community cloud. Conduct webinars to generate awareness for your brand, providing them with valuable information while collecting consent from them to add them to your contact list.

It is important to inform and be clear in what value proposition your customers get by subscribing to your email list. No matter how hard you try with different strategies or put in a lot of money and effort into advertising, they will be reluctant to sign up without knowing the value they get from this. have a master list of contacts in Salesforce where all these contacts from different sources would end up in – a single customer view. In this process, try to capture some of the basic customer profile details like DOB, gender, interests, location, etc which assists in creating data segmentations within Salesforce and in turn creating personalized communication with them.