Email is still one of the most influential ways to communicate online with your customers. The ROI on an email campaign is huge and that is why email is still a popular communication channel.
Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms, its provides the right tools that can help you to build your email marketing campaigns.
here are the key things to keep in mind while creating email marketing campaigns with Salesforce.


When you start to design an email campaign, identify the purpose of it and make sure the purpose of the campaign is not compromised for any other reasons. It so happens that the main purpose is lost or forgotten as your progress through the campaign design process. It is also important to communicate this purpose to the customers if needed. Customers are well aware of why they signed up with you in the first place and they expect that to be the only reason why you’d be contacting them. If you promised to send discounts while signing up customers, make sure the campaigns you design are for the same. Do not lose the focus on your main goal, the purpose of the campaign.

Data Segmentation

If a customer has signed up to receive promotional emails of a particular product, send them promotional emails of that particular product only. This is where your data segmentation comes into the picture and is a huge factor in defining who receives what email. Also, do not mix the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly campaigns data – Customers must receive emails in the frequency they have signed up for.

Another important trick your data segmentation supports in your campaigns is ‘personalization’. Customers have evolved and they expect personalization. Personalized messages, personalized offers, recommended products personalized for them, personalized customer service. Hence it is imperative to listen to customers, capture their preferences and use it to personalize the email messages.

Email Design

Subject lines are crucial. Keep your subject line to 40 characters. The subject should indicate what your email is about. No fooling around. Make sure the From Name and From email address are correct and reflect your brand. These will be defined in your Sender Profiles. Build a responsive email design so the mobile users enjoy a great user experience. Have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button defined in your email. Include your physical mailing address to give a sense of existence to your customers and a mechanism for customers to opt out from your campaigns.


Strictly follow the CAN-SPAM requirements while designing your emails. Failure to do so will result in your emails being marked as spam and eventually your email domain. It will impact your IP reputation. You must process opt-out request promptly within days. And the unsubscribe mechanism must be in place for at least 30 days after the mailing. Most importantly have a consent (opt-in) from the customer to improve your deliverability.


Tracking provides you with key metrics of how your campaigns are performing and is a pivotal deciding factor in designing your future campaigns. Tracking helps in identifying what kind of campaigns are your customers interested in, which is the best and least performing campaigns. Tracking also helps in re-designing your emails structure as well as you will know how your customers are interacting with your emails.

Email marketing is the main and leading platform to communicate online with your customer. It’s important to build an email campaign in the right way and use good tools to do so.