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We believe in authorized marketing based on reciprocity between marketer and customer. That is why we allow for such reciprocal communication only.
To guarantee our customers enjoy high deliverability (emails sent are not blocked or labeled as Spam), we make sure everyone under our roof is playing by the rules, distributing proper content to legit contact lists.

Our support team reviews every new inwise account before approving the publishing and sending out newsletter and form features.

What can help speed up your account approval process?

  • Complete and comprehensive fill-out of your account approval form. This allows us to get to know you and your objectives of using the system better and faster. Every detail you can provide us helps the process.
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  • Creating an email campaign (newsletter) or designing a landing page with real content.
  • Uploading your contact list.

We do our best to approve accounts within 1-2 business days.

Feel free to use all available inwise features from importing contacts to designing landing pages, signup forms and popups, as well as creating email campaigns.

Our guides are here to assist you with anything you may need.

Once your account is approved and activated you can send your campaign to yourself to test and to your contact list.


Account approved

The account has been approved 🙂

Now you can send out email campaigns (newsletters) to your contacts, publish landing pages, signup forms and popups.

Please note that we will review and approve your first email campaign.


Account under review

In some cases, after reviewing your inwise account, we need more information about you and your objectives for using the system before approving it for ongoing use.

In these cases, to proceed with the process of approving your account, we ask that you resend your request filling it out with as much detail as possible.

To help speed up the process we recommend creating campaigns or landing pages with real content as well as upload your contact lists to the system.


Unapproved account 🙁

Not all accounts can eventually be approved, the reason usually being not meeting inwise terms of use.
Possible reasons why an account would not be approved may be:

  • Insufficient detail on the approval request form does not allow us to know you and your objectives of using the system well enough.
  • The approval request form was sent multiple times without providing the additional required information.
  • The objectives of using inwise system does not meet inwise terms of use.
    The content of your email campaign (newsletter) does not meet inwise terms of use.
  • The origin/source of the contact list is unclear.
  • The account uses a temporary email address.To dispute this decision please contact us


Closed account

After the trial period of 30 days from the date of opening the account ends, the account will be closed and all information stored in it will be deleted.