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The inwise system helps to create a focused environment, in which different functionaries can access data to perform actions relevant to them only. This minimizes the possibility of human error, miraculously improves information security and saves valuable time by not exposing employees to irrelevant information.

There are 4 levels of access available for users, where the admin can customize authorizations (add or remove) according to the needs and specific division of work of the organization:
Admin – The main contact of the account, Admin has access to all the actions and data in the account. This is the only level that can add, remove and configure the relevant permissions for each of the users in the account.
Manager – This level has access to all the capabilities of the system except exporting contact lists, purchasing products and viewing invoices.
Designer – The designer has access to all the data and actions only for the purpose of design, editing and sends for a test of campaigns, pages and forms.
Analyst – Permission to view reports and statistics only.

Add and remove users and permissions

The admin is the only one who can add/remove users and update their permissions.
To update users and permissions, click on the little man icon that appears at the top right of the screen (1) and then select “Users and Roles” (2).

 Manage permissions and roles

To add a user: Click on the “Create New User” icon (1) and enter the required details.
In the “Roles” field, the relevant role for that user must be selected, and his privileges to the system will be defined accordingly.
Finally, click Save.

add user to inwise


In order to edit and update the user’s details and role: Highlighted the relevant user (1). Click on the “edit” icon (2) and update.

edit and update the user's details and role

To add / remove permissions to the user: Highlight the relevant user (1), click “Edit permissions” (2), and update the details.

In the screen that opens, select the checkboxes next to the permissions to add them, or deselect to remove them.
Finally, click Save.

add / remove permissions to the use

Comparison of user-level permissions

Login to inwise accouunt
Change password
API access
Billing (Purchasing services, viewing account details and invoices)
View contact list
Add, edit & delete contacts
View contact
Import contacts
Export contact list
Send resubscribe message
Create contact list
Edit, delete & rename contacts list name
Create external group
Edit external group
Create segmentation
Contacts personal fields settings
Update sending profile
View campaigns list
Create, duplicate, Edit & delete email campaigns
Create A/ B campaigns
Send email campaigns
Send a test email campaigns
View analytics email campaigns
Domain authentication
Site activity monitoring control
Create, duplicate, Edit & delete SMS campaign
Send SMS campaign
Send a test SMS campaign
View analytics SMS campaign
Send email campaign with attachments
Send email campaign with personal attachments
Pages & Forms
View pages & forms list
Create, duplicate, Edit, delete pages & forms
View analytics pages & forms
Publish private landing page
Publish pages & forms
View automation list
Create, Edit & delete automation
View analytics automation
View, send & delete Messaging
Transactional messages
View campaigns analytics
View contacts analytics
Sending queue
Edit sending queue
Continue sending queue
Import queue
Edit import queue
Immediate queue
Media area
Template management