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If you are a partner that want to open new inwise accounts automatically than you probably need to use this API.

Here is a request example:






Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Length: 941
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
User-Agent: runscope/0.1



<SecHeader xmlns=””>
<username>inwise group admin username</username>
<CreateAccount xmlns=””>
<CompanyName>company name</CompanyName>

In the header node you should provide an admin inwise account credentials that allows to open accounts. Then in the account node you can provide the new account details:

UserName – you can provide email here
Password – the account password
GroupId – a group number that you will get from inwise
ContactEmail – usually the same email like in username
After opening new account, you might also be interest in integrated direct link inside your application to open inwise application with a token. Please see this manual in order to implement this.

If you want to use this advanced integrated feature then please contact us. You will need Group admin account with special permission to open new account


Here is another example specifically for .NET developer:

in visual studio you can create new project and add web reference to:

Lets call this reference “AdminApi”

Now you can open a new account by this code:

//get a reference to the service
AdminApi.InwiseWebServicesAdmin ws = new AdminApi.InwiseWebServicesAdmin();

//fill the security header
AdminApi.SecHeader header = new AdminApi.SecHeader();
header.username = “Your Admin Account in inwise”;
header.pass = “*****”;
ws.SecHeaderValue = header;//set credentials

AdminApi.Account account = null;

account = new AdminApi.Account();
account.AdditionalDetails = null;
account.ContactPerson = “rafael”;
account.Email = “”;
account.FirstName = “inwiseTestR”;
account.GroupId = 1;
account.Language = “english”;
account.Locale = “en-US”;
account.Password = “*****”;
account.MobilePhone = null;
account.PhoneNumber = “8884521505”;
account.UserName = “”;
ws.CreateAccount(account, null);