Let Your Apps Do the Work for You

Our moto being ‘Work Less. Sell more’, integration is one of our favorite features. Basically, integration allows your apps to do all the work for you, without any need for you to work as the middleman. How? Simple: You connect your app to inwise, leave instructions on what to do in each scenario, and inwise and the connected app will do the work for you.

Zapier is the innovative platform that enables such easy integration, without any need for code or any other complication.

Obscure? Let’s go practical.

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Example: Adding New Contacts Automatically from Your Gmail Inbox

Connecting inwise to your Gmail, you can easily set up for every new email you label that the email contact will automatically be added to a specific inwise contact list.

How easy is it?

  1. Connect inwise to your Gmail account
  2. Using Zapier, you set up which label adds the email recipient to which of your contact lists on inwise
  3. That’s it. Each time you label a new email on Gmail, its recipient will be added to the right contact list.

Now that you got the idea, note that this was only one example. Inwise collaboration with Zapier allows you to connect your inwise account to over 500 apps and set up countless automatic tasks for your apps to do for you.