Join Forces. Sell More.

Using Magento to sell online? Integrate your inwise account with your Magento to boost sales, and do the great things leading brands offer you, and you always wondered: How do they do that / how do they know that about me.

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Check out some of the great things you get by integrating your Magento with your inwise account:

Automatic synchronizing of your Magento customers/subscribers to the relevant inwise contact lists. That means, each update in the person’s details or status is the Magento automatically updates that person’s details or status in inwise.

Abandoned cart – set the message(s) you would like to send customers/visitors who abandoned their cart on your online store. As always, your inwise message will be responsive. In addition, you can include a direct link to go back to that specific cart, a link to a personal coupon, and more.