Keep Your Data In-House

This enterprise email marketing feature allows enterprises, companies and organizations of large-scale, complex activity, or holding sensitive information – install inwise directly on the organization servers (a process called On Premise). This solution provides the enterprise maximum control, flexibility, and security in its online marketing activity.

This enterprise email marketing solution was designed for enterprises interested in integrating the systems used in the organization with the enterprises communication (whether marketing, logistic, or other form of communication) with customers, employees, or any other audience with which the enterprise communicates.

inwise On Premise solution ensures provides full control and security over information, privacy, and sensitive data, thanks to local installing of inwise within the enterprise servers: All the information remains within the enterprise, and is communicated directly to the recipient only.

In addition, this solutions allows information received by recipients to be sent directly to the enterprise systems.

That is why it is not surprising some of our biggest customers in the financial domain – from banks, to credit card companies, adopted this solution instead of cloud-based services.

Installing inwise on the organizational database or CRM system is simple and easy, as well as operating it via Web Services.

Here are some of the common uses of the system:

– Designing, sending, and monitoring email and SMS campaings

– Managing customer lists and/or connecting with internal database

– Updating the organization systems with lists and information received from customers

– Scheduled campaigns

– Central system for sending and managing transactional emails

– Forms, surveys, and landing page creating system

– Bulk delivery of individual attachments

– Full support in Web Service