Make the most of your data

Contacts are an extremely important part of your database. Organizing and managing them properly can enhance your business, marketing, and financial performance.

That’s why we created a system to help you manage contacts and groups, which allows you to create smart digital marketing:
automatic updating of contacts and groups, assigning contacts to new groups, rating contacts according to their level of involvement.
As a result, you will be able to work less and get more.


Each contact in the system can (and should, in most cases) belong to more than one group. When you send mailings to several groups, and a contact is in more than one group, the system will ensure that the contact receives the mailing only once, so there is no need to worry.

From your end, what should you do? Gather as much information about your contacts as possible and enter it into the system. It’s that simple.

For greater marketing and sales success, use signup forms, popups, and landing pages to gather personal and relevant information about your contacts, then send them personal and tailored campaigns.