How many people visited your website and who took the desired action?

Sending a mailing to your contacts with the purpose of getting them to take some action on your website: buy something in a store, register, leave details, etc.

Besides providing a clear and detailed report on how many contacts opened and clicked the external link in the mailing, the “goals” option does something even more important:

It shows you what your contacts did after they visited your website from the mailing: how many people and who performed the action you wanted (purchase in the store, registration, etc.)? Who participated and who didn’t?


How does it work?

Simple. You’ll receive a code that you need to embed on the destination page of your website – the page where you want to see how many and who completed the desired action (e.g., making a purchase, signing up, etc.).

After sending the campaign, you can analyze the details and the number of recipients who reached the target page (even if it is not directly linked to the target page from the mailing), identify contacts who reached the target page but did not complete the desired action, send these contacts additional emails to encourage them to complete the action or find out why they didn’t, and so on.