Locate in 1 Click – Every Campaign, Contact, and Data

inwise is built on a smart search platform, allowing you to locate every item and data saved in the system in seconds, whether it’s a campaign, newsletter, contact person, group of contacts, of any other information.

The smart search offers you 3 options:

Advanced automatic search

A dynamic search engine, instantly locating the item you are search for using free text.

All you do is simply click on the magnifying glass icon at the search text box (located at the upper toolbar, as you can see in the print screen), and type free text: full text, partial, whatever you recall. The system will display all the relevant search results automatically.

Quick & Smart Search


Tags are the smart and simple alternative for the file system.

Using inwise system, you can create as many tags as you wish, and distribute relevant items to each tag, whether it’s campaigns, contact groups, contact person, and more.

For example: If you have several groups of contacts (new, loyal, and potential), you can label all these groups under the tag “customers”. When you’ll want to send a newsletter to all your customers, you can easily locate all these contact groups (new ones, loyal ones, and potential ones) by searching the tag “customers” and sending your newsletter to all contacts under the tag “customers””.

Off course, you can add, update, and remove tags and items distributed to each tag – at any given time, quickly and easily.

Sorting and Filtering

Another smart method for quick search of information is sorting and filtering.

For example, if you are searching for a specific campaign, you can filter and display only the sent campaigns, or alternately – only campaigns in draft status, and so on.

The system allows you a wide range of sorting and filtering options: according to platforms (email, SMS), campaign subject, date, and so much more.