Let The Syncing Do It For You

Data bases help manage business data, from customer lists to sales, allowing smart managing of the business and marketing activities.

inwise allows you to sync the internal data base of the company/organization with your inwise account without the need to complete contact importing process. Syncing inwise with your data base will allow you to simplify your communication with existing and potential customers, and simplify your newsletter activity.

Easy Data Base Syncing

The syncing process works by inwise connecting to your data base and importing only the relevant characteristics of your contacts. Once the syncing is completed, every change or update in your data base will automatically be updated in your inwise account.

Your contact lists remain fully protected and under your control.

inwise works with the 3 leading data base technologies: MySql, Oracle, and SQL.

inwise can sync with a variety of systems, includng CRMs, ERPs, and Billing systems.