Message the Right Audience

Your contact lists consist of customers who are engaged and interested, alongside others who are… not so much. Talking to all of them the same way, and the same number of times might lead to the latter deserting you, or the former not hearing enough from you.

Contact rating automatically rates your customers on a range between least and most engaged. This allows you to send the right message to the right person, and in return – boost your number of contacts, increase engagement, and treat your customers as personally as possible. Trust us, they’ll love it.

The flowers represent your contact person’s level of engagement:

1 pedal = Zero engagement. This contact did not open any of your newsletters (rated -10 points or less)

2 pedals = Low engagement. This contact rarely opens your newsletters (rated -10-0 points)

3 pedals = New contact with no record (rated 0 points, being a new user)

4 pedals = Average engagement. This contact typically opens and clicks on 1 of every 5 newsletters (rated 20-50 points)

5 pedals = High engagement. This contact open every or every other newsletter (rated 50 points or above)

Grey pedal = Disabled contact. This contact can be on the unsubscribed list, or have an incorrect email address.