Are you sending a newsletter for the first time and don’t have the time to deepen your understanding in this new field?
Truth be told, launching an email campaign (newsletter) can be challenging. From content creation and design considerations to goal achievement and selecting a mailing system, there’s a lot to navigate.
What if you were told that AI could generate your inaugural newsletter for you?

Newsletter in a click
That is exactly why inwise has introduced a feature titled “Newsletter in a Click,” enabling you to leverage AI capabilities to create your first newsletter effortlessly—with just a click.
What’s your part in the deal? Simply enter your website address and click a button. The AI system will then scan your website for logos, graphic elements, and pertinent texts, using them to construct your first newsletter. Then you can make edits, implement changes, and apply corrections. And, of course, we are more than happy to assist you throughout this process.
What’s left for you to do? Upload your contact list to the system and click on ”