A-B testing allows you to test 2 different variations of your newsletter (email campaign) to see which version is more effective to your audience (contacts), in practice.

Multivariate A-B testing allows you to test up to 8 variations of your campaign. You can select and combine variations like email subject, name of sender, time sent, and more.

For example, you can combine 2 different subjects + 2 different senders + 2 different contents (or any other combination).

Your test campaign will be delivered to a sample group of your contacts according to the sample size of your choosing. Within the sample size you choose, contacts will be selected randomly.

After the test campaign is delivered to the sample group, the system will show you the success factors of each of the versions sent, or of the combination of variations you chose to test.

The system will determine according to the success factors you chose initially – the winning version, proven to be most effective. The system will send the winning version to your group of contacts (except those who received the test campaign).