Drag & Drop

The great thing about an intuitive drag & drop content editor like the one we use is that it meets your needs whether your a first-time user or an experienced one.

Let’s see how:

Feature - drag & drop editor gif

Intuitive Interface

inwise content editor was designed to allow quick design and edit of each campaign. To do that, we made it friendly to navigate, simply designed, and easy to use.


The content editor makes sure your campaign is responsive. All you need to do is see how it looks before clicking Send.

Drag & Drop

Use the various elements by dragging and dropping them just the way to like it, in your campaign. As simple as that. You can even import photos and videos by dragging them from your computer to the content editor (and off course use our advanced photo editor to make any adjustments you like).

Sharing is Caring

Link your campaign to your all your social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn…

Switch and Change in One Click

Want to switch to another template? change your campaign? No problem. All you want to you is just one click away, using the content editor.

Advanced Image Editing

No need for an external image editor. Make any change you wish to your image using our advanced image editing add-on: Change size, brightness, sharpness, crop, flip, and what not.