For Your Peace of Mind

According to the anti-spam law, every email of a marketing nature must to includes an unsubscribe link allowing the recipient to remove himself/herself from the mailing list and not receive any more emails from the sender.

This means, by sending an email of a marketing nature without an unsubscribing link, you are liable to spam lawsuits, regardless of any other condition (the recipient approved receiving email from you, this is not your first email sent, etc.).

That is why inwise automatically attached an unsubscribe link to every email and campaign you send.


What happens when a recipient clinks on the unsubscribe link?

They are automatically removed from the active and approved list of recipients, and they will never receive an email from you again, as long as they remain in their unsubscribed list.

In addition, you can view and edit your unsubscribed list at any given time.