Sending a newsletter designed to have people do something on your website?  Whether it’s make a purchase on your online store, subscribe, submit details, or any other action, you should know how many and who performed the desired action.

This is exactly what website conversion provides you.

In addition to the clear and detailed statistic report received for each newsletter you send, reporting how many people and who opened your newsletter and clicked on its links, website conversion shows you the behavior of your website visitors arriving from your newsletter: Exactly how many and who did the action you wanted them to do, and how may and who did not?

Website conversion - goals

How does it work?

Simple. You get a code you embed on your destination website page, the page on which you want to see who and how many performed the desired action (purchase, subscription, etc.).

After sending the newsletter, you can analyze the details and numbers of the people who reached your destination website page, see who reached and page and did not completed the action, send them a follow-up newsletter if you wish – ask them why they did not complete the action, motivate them to do so, and more.