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in Account Settings

You can set up contacts to receive notifications on account activities (end campaign submission, end upload contacts, etc.)
To set up the contacts email or SMS, enter the system and click on the little man’s icon (1) at the top left of the screen and select “Account settings” (2).

Account setting

On the “Account settings” screen select from the left menu: “Account notifications”.

To receive email notifications: In definition 2703 – “The Emails addresses notifications will be sent to”- set the email addresses (separated by comma), to which the account notification will be sent to.

To receive SMS messages: In definition 2711 – “The mobile numbers account notifications will be sent to as an SMS”- set the mobile numbers to which the account notifications will be sent to.
* The phone number should appear in an international format with the prefix of the country (without space between the international prefix and the number).
For example, the prefix of Netherlands is 31 -> 3154111111

Account notification

Click Save to finish