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Personalization is of high importance in email marketing. Personal interaction with the contacts miraculously raises the opening percentages of mailers.
Adjusting the “To” line in an email is another way to personally communicate with your contacts. This field is one of the first fields that recipients encounter before opening the email and therefore, addressing the contact person by his first name and / or adding a few personal words like “Happy Birthday” will increase the chances that he will open the mail you sent him.g.

Fields setting


Steps for adjusting the “To”  line in the email campaign:

  1. Check the contact information fields
  2. Login to “Edit Sending Profiles”
  3. Type in the field

Step 1 – Check the contact information fields

Use of this feature depends on the definition of the fields in your account, the information they contain, and the number of the fields in which the information is located.
To check the field definition, click on the little man icon (1), at the top of the screen and select “Account Settings” (2).

Account settings

In the side bar, select “Contacts” (1) and in the top menu, select “Recipient field data”.
You can see in the case below, that “Field 1” is defined as a first name.
Learn more about setting up the contact information fields in this guide


Field settings

Step 2 – Edit sending Profile

Once you have checked the field number setting, click on the “Campaigns” tab in the main menu bar on the left side of the screen (1).
A “Common Actions” window will open. Click on the “Create Email Campaign” button (2).

Create campaign

More about creating an email campaign, in this guide.

Move forward to the “Campaign setting” screen. where you should update:

Campaign subject: Select the title that will appear in the subject line of the email, which will be seen by the contacts in their mailboxes. It is advisable to give some thought to this title, as the sentence chosen will be exposed to the campaign recipients and this will determine whether the contact person will open the campaign or not.

Campaign Name: Choose a name for internal purposes only, which will appear in your account under the list of campaigns.

Clicking on “Show sending profile”, will open a panel.
In the field: “Send to”, you can update the information you will display in the “To” line (e.g contact name and other words.)
How do you type the data in this field? See Step 3 below.

Create email campaign

Step 3 – How to type data in this field?

For the purpose of the example, use the first name of the contact and next to it the personal greeting “Happy Birthday!”.
Insert first name: in the “send to” field, enter: #field1# (including the hashtags*).
The information between two hashtags is an instruction to the system to draw data from the field, and the number indicates the field number (1).
An examination of the first step in this guide shows that field 1 is the first name field (as is usually the case for field 1).

you can add more words and adjectives; this way you can make the contact bar more personal, as follows:
Fields setting

Finally click “Use this profile”. And continue editing your campaign as usual.

You can define a number of fields in the “To” line. For example, to add the first and last name of your contacts: #field1# #field2#
It is important to make sure that there is a space between the two fields, as the names will appear in the mailing.

In summary, the use of a personalized and accurate personal approach on the “To” line allows you to send customized targeted mailings to your contacts, which increases the chances that they will actually open the email sent to them.